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Combining Juice Plus and Prenatals

8/17 9:10:44

Hello George,
I've read your answers regarding Juice Plus and have a question regarding the safety of combining Juice Plus with standard prenatals. I have been taking Juice Plus since December along with prenatals. I am nursing an 8 month old and am 6 weeks pregnant. My husband expressed grave concern over combining Juice Plus with prenatals during this pregnancy due to the correlation of the incidence of cleft palate and too much vitamin C in one's diet during pregnancy. He also expresses uncertainty regarding the safety and health benefits of Juice Plus overall. I did not take Juice Plus during my first pregnancy and our baby is perfectly healthy. Do you think his reasons for concern have any validity? Also, do you know of any other studies besides the one you have already mentioned concerning Juice Plus and pregnancy? Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond.

Please email me privately on this subject in the future.
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