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too WIDE

8/17 9:10:37

I have recently have started going to the gym and while doing exercises i noticed that I have a wide body.. my face, legs EVERYTHING. I actually got depressed and am wondering if i can slim down, will I be able to look thinner instead of so wide and fat? I actually have a smal gut and am 240 lbs, I am 6 feet my ideal weight it 180 i am a medium frame.i do have rather large bones but they are not that big. I want to know if i get to my ideal weight will this take the wideness off and make me look slender?
did the question make sense?

Hi David,
I apologize for my delay in replying.
a) when you are at the gym, the temptation to compare ourselves to others and to require ourselves to be perfect specimens in comparison, is most keen.
b) sometimes the mirrors at the gym are concave (or convex) and do not accurately show us how we look.

That being said, I understand that you may wish to transform the shape of your body and possibly reduce your body weight.

For the body weight reduction, my own most effective  method is Atkins style low-carb, plus no dairy, no artificial sweeteners.  I eat only meat, fish, poultry, nuts, eggs, olive oil, unsweetened yogurt, all vegetables except potatos, plus a few naturally low carb treats that I designed and can be found at www.lowcarbspecialties.com

I do not eat fruit.
I do not eat artificial sweeteners.
I avoid margarine, soy, MSG and sodium nitrate in lunch meats.

For the body shape transformation, I suggest you find Master at Rolfing in your area.  Rolfing is an effective method for shifting the energy out of dense tissue... it can and often is accompanied by emotional release. A common outcome of rolfing is re-shaping parts of the body, and also increased height.

Mary Jo
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