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eating my meals all day

8/17 9:10:24

I am 56 and have a desk job. I work out every morning with weights 2 days and walking, running and stretching the other days. I am not a good sitter so I get up alot and walk around at work and also snack all day on the meals I bring. I eat cereal, fruit, my lunch (small) and peanut butter crackers if hungry before I go home. I usually eat a small dinner...If you fix fairly nutritious meals is it ok to take all day to eat them ?


Great question. You are doing things right.

Not only is it OK to 'graze' on your foods the way you do, it is much healthier than eating 3 big meals a day without snacking.

Your eating style is helping to keep your insulin and other blood hormones steady so that it doesn't go up and down like a roller coaster, as is it does for most people.

Keep it up.

Hope the helps.
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