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eating schedule

8/17 9:10:19

hey im cory im 16 and I do vigerous running and working out everyday besides sunday.  I also play hockey on some of those days.  What is a good eating scheudle or guidline for eating with these athletic standpoints?

Hello Cory!

Thank you for your nutrition question.  I would recommend that you check out www.mypyramid.gov where you can create a healthy eating plan tailored to your specific needs. Simply enter your age, gender, and activity level and it will give you a complete menu.

I would also recommend checking out "Ask the Nutritionists: Answers to Your Nutrition Questions" available at www.authorhouse.com, online, or at your favorite bookstore. It is filled with helpful nutrition tips for athletes such as yourself.

-George Rapitis. Bsc. Nutritionist
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