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how often

8/17 9:10:15

im maintaining a low carb lifestyle but am wondering how often u can treat yourself to a cookie or ice cream??

Dear Ms. Kitty,
Thanks for your question.
I admire you for looking for ways to make the lowcarb lifestyle more enjoyable... regrettably, finding ways to eat regular carbs is not the best approach.

You could live from carb binge to carb binge with the intent on cutting these down over time, but I strongly suggest that this is detrimental in that it teaches your body to wait awhile (maybe longer than usual) for the insulin surge you will be sure to give it.... not a good overall plan because with every insulin surge you are back to feeding the candida/yeast infection that probably caused you to crave the carbs, and you are undoubtedly producing more insulin to put a death-grip on your body fat and completely stop your weight loss.

What to do?  check out the website:
These are products I created that are all natural, low carb, and as decadent as it comes while enjoying the lowcarb lifestyle.

Also read the LowCarb Chocolate Lover's Diet that I wrote to document my weight loss the low carb way without guilt, pain, or will power:

Note that as you continue to low carb, especially if you consume prebiotic fiber like that in SweetPerfection, your need for carbs will significantly dwindle over time.

If all else fails, go for the cookie, or the ice cream, one portion at a time, and balance it with some nuts or put peanut butter on the cookie to slow down your consumption of the carbs.

Best to you.... I love your question (truly one I asked myself at least 50 times when I started lowcarbing)... sorry if this is not the answer you were looking for.

Mary Jo

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