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Skippy ALL NATURAL Peanut Butter - Palm Oil

8/17 9:09:56

WE Love Skippy Peanut Butter though it does contain sugar. We don't use a lot. Yesterday we bought the Super Chunk NATURAL Skippy and compared it to the REgular Super Chunk. The package of ALL Natural says no trans fats. But regular has no trans fats either.

The Ingrediates on BOTH are the same: Peanuts, Sugar, Salt but the oly other ingredient in the Natural is "Palm Oil". For the REgular, the oil is "Partially Hydrogenized Vegetable Oil". I seem to remember that it's Palm oil that's bad for you. Am I wrong?
Not that we eat that much, but we're curios as to which of the two styles is HEALTHIER.


Steve (Also an Allexpers volunteer- on music topics)

Hello Steve!

  Thank you for your nutrition question.   I am glad that you are using your food labels. Many food manufacturers misleadingly label several of their products "0 grams trans," even though they have 4 to 11 grams of artery-clogging saturated fat such as palm oil. The FDA considers 4 grams and up to be a high level of saturated fat. Remember that just because a food doesn't have any trans fat doesn't by itself make it a health food.
   While the Natural Skippy peanut butter contains no trans fat it does contain palm oil. Therefore, it is not much healthier then the Regular Super Chunk. Hope this helps!

For more answers to your nutrition questions check out "Ask the Nutritionists" by George Rapitis available at www.authorhouse.com, online, or at your favorite bookstore.

-George Rapitis. MS. Nutritionist
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