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proper healthy diet

8/17 9:09:50

QUESTION: hi i'm a 15 year old boy from india.. 5'8 and 104 lbs,I look extremely skinny and unhealthy unlike others of my age.my face looks all dried up and lacks the glow..it looks like i've been sick for over a year .my body is not exactly slim but it ain't fat either.I've been working out but instead of looking athletic ,it looks worse.please suggest me a diet and some exercises to improve my health and appearance.

ANSWER: Dear Tanmay, When you 'work out" you actually break down muscle fibers. These muscle fibers want to rebuild themselves as bigger and stronger muscles but it takes calories and nutrients to do that. Try to eat at least 3000-4000 calories per day. This will ensure you have enough energy to rebuild your body stronger and healthier. Keep a food diary and measure calories and protein. Some bodybuilding magazines advocate eating a gram of protein for each pound of bodyweight. Protein foods have higher calories, so it will add up fast. Healthy foods to eat are: fruits, vegetables, lean meats, chicken, fish, tuna fish, eggs or egg white, whole grain breads, healthy fats like those found in nuts and olive oils and low fat dairy products. A daily multivitamin or eating an enriched cereal containing 100% of RDA vitamins will ensure you are getting enough vitamins. Get a good book on nutrition for more details. Hope that helps, Laura Kraemer,Slimkids.com

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QUESTION: umm...can you prescribe a day to day diet,like.

Tanmay, That is beyond the scope of a simple e-mail. You can try the website: muscle and fitness.com or even get their magazine; they go into greater detail and can give you some good bodybuilding healthy eating plans. Here is a link to their nutrition page: www.muscleandfitness.com/nutrition/76
Good luck and hope that helps, Laura Kraemer,Slimkids.com

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