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nuts vs. other junk

8/17 9:09:38

I keep hearing things that say nuts are very healthy, but when I look at the nutritional label, I find 20 or so grams of fat and 300 calories!
On potato chips, it's 10gfat and 150 calories!
Is potato chips in reality healthier?
If I'm in the mood of a snack, should I choose potato chips(or something to that extent) or honey roasted peanuts?(does roasting hurt whatevers the good part about nuts?)

Hello Jeff,
 Nuts are definitely a healthier alternative to potato chips, as long as you choose the right nuts. Nuts are high in fat however many nuts are high in healthy fats while most potato chips are high in unhealthy, damaged, and processed oils as well as sodium. Nuts also are a source of minerals and protein. Walnuts are a great snack containing unsaturated omega fatty acids which are good for brain and heart health. Almonds are another great choice.
 Try to avoid or at least reduce consumption of honey roasted, sugar coated nuts that are generally not fresh and may be rancid (damaged fats) as well as being coated with sugar. Peanuts may contain a toxin that many are allergic to. The absolute best way to eat nuts is to purchase fresh unsalted. Many people by raw almonds and soak them overnight to increase palatability and digestibility.
 Enjoy a handful of walnuts each day- about 12-14 halves for a nutritious addition to your diet. We all need fat in our diets, eating nuts helps us consume the right fat and they will even keep you satisfied longer than chips. Healthy fats such as those found in walnuts have many health benefits! Also remember it is not always about total calories but what you are getting out of diet nutritionally speaking.

Dan Haley
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