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Long Term Eating Habits

8/17 9:09:35

Hi, I am an 18 year old male and I am wondering about proper eating habits.
Times before I would try to stay away from some kind of food and might
supplement those cravings with eating lots of fruits and mostly this worked
for me. Lately I've been stressed because I have just entered college and they
have a buffet here with all kinds of good and bad foods that you can eat as
much as you want of and I also don't have the same access to fruits since I'm
not home. What I recently tried was eating without any kind of snacks or
desserts for most days and then on Monday and Thursday I could eat
whatever I wanted. What happened was that on those two days I would stuff
myself to the point of feeling sick and now I've just completely lost will power
and have been eating whatever I've craved. So my question is, do all people
just have to put up with the cravings? Is there someway where I can feel
satisfied after I eat and not have to overfill myself? Is there a way to have a
stable diet? Thanks

Moderation is the key instead of depriving yourself and then bingeing on the 'forbidden food'.  It would be better for you to eat small snacks every three hours or so.  This method keeps your metabolism going constantly and you'll feel full.  The snacks obviously should be healthy.  You'll find that your three regular meals will be smaller since you're not craving something.

These tips are a small part of an 8-week online course that I teach.  You can check it out in the Personal Coaching section of my website - www.jerryryanphd.com

Thanks for your question, Gennady.  I hope that my answer was helpful.
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