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Vegetarian nutrition.

8/17 9:09:33

Hello. I am 23 years old, and ride the bike to wherever I go, so that should be around an hour per day. The rest of the day I watch movies, write, study. I stopped eating meat about six months ago, although because of a warning by a friend, I kept eating chicken every two days (he warned me about not getting enough protein and the dangers that come with that). I must add that I am in China. Currently I eat two times per day. Eggs, tofu, vegetables. and fruits. For example, today I ate some tofu with cucumber, onions and a little oil and three fried eggs for my first meal around 2pm (I wake up at 11am). I drank some pineapple yoghurt juice at about 6pm. Then I had a quarter of a watermelon for supper. Just wanted to hear what you thought about this, and if you had some online resources for starting to educate myself about nutrients, etc.

Hi Fernando!    Yes, your friend was right about needing protein in your diet.  I have a great website for you:
www.lifeclinic.com     click on the nutrition link at the top, and this will give you alot of resources & info in an EZ format.   It talks about nutrients, calories, articles, recipes, vegetarian diets, etc.....highly recommended site!

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