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Exercise and dieting with metabolic resistance on a low carb diet

8/17 9:09:29

I just read your article Exercise and Low Carb: moderate intensity is recommended.  A couple of questions came to mind regarding my personal eating and workout plan.  Would you tell me if I'm on the right track?

I currently eat a diet of 1350 calories a day with the following breakdown: Carbs: 15 percent, Protein: 42.5 percent and Fat: 42.5 percent (those are rough percentages - I basically eat around 50 grams of carbs, 100-144 grams of protein and about 64 grams of fat per day...give or take).

My exercise plan is to do either step aerobics (30-40 minutes) straight and then do weight training either combined with step aerobics or just lifting dumbbells alone without doing the combination.

I am metabolically resistant, 36-years-old, 188 pounds, probably about 30 percent body fat (maybe a little less), 5' 8.5" tall.  Weight is better with this plan, but I have a feeling it won't last long.  I have done low-carb for a long time and I think I was at too low of an intake rate for too long and so my weight training was self-defeating.  My body was what seemed to me in starvation mode and wasn't allow me to build muscle. I was working hard, but no results.  This is my new plan above. What do you think in light of your article and my information.

Thanks, Patricia

Dear Patricia,

My short answer is:

With metabolic resistance, you might want to reduce the amount of protein, increase the amount of good fat (fish, oils, nuts, avocados, etc.) and add high intensity intervals to your steps.

To read more about all this, here is my suggested reading list.

Interval training is good for metabolic resistance:

Until recently, in order to improve cholesterol profiles of people with metabolic syndrome, doctors usually advised a moderate-intensity exercise such as walking. Now, we have new information indicating that though it鈥檚 good enough for weight loss and blood pressure, it may be not enough to improve your cholesterol profile:

Dieting With Metabolic Syndrome:

== Tanya Zilberter
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