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Nutrition for Healthy Gain

8/17 9:09:11

Hi, Dr. Ryan!
    First let me say that I am SO grateful to be able to address a professional with my concerns and whole-heartedly appreciate any knowledge/advice you could pass my way.  Thank you so much for making yourself available via the internet!  I know your time is precious, so I'll try to make it quick while still giving you information you might want to get a clearer picture of my situation.
    I am a 26 year old female recoving from anorexia.  I am 5'6.5'' with a fairly small frame, so I assume 115-120 lbs. would be a healthy weight for me to shoot for (based on BMI charts).  I currently weight about 107 lbs. and am looking for a sound nutritional plan to add the weight my body needs in a healthy way.  
    In order for periods to return, I hear I need to add a degree of good fats.  I was also told that in order to avoid gaining the weight strickly around my abdomen to avoid excessive carbs and go for more protein.  I would really appreciate your take on these pointers I've received and how you would steer me in the direction of restoration and wellness.
    Thank you so much!!!!!

First of all, I congratulate you on your decision to overcome the anorexia.  You will discover a much better life within you as a result.  I have watched a family member return from the devastation and I'll gladly help anyone regain his or her life from that mental assault.

You are getting good information about the proteins and fats.  Eating fish such as salmon or tuna is a great way to achieve both protein intake and Omega-3 fats.  You are seeking lean muscle mass as the highest portion of weight gain so protein truly is the key.  You might also add a bit of weight training to your routine to encourage that.  Be sure not to overdo it and burn too many calories.

I believe that you should aim for a slightly higher weight than 115 lbs. because that would still place you at risk in the BMI area.  120-125 lbs. might be a more healthy weight for the long term. That places you well within the norm for your height.

Thank you for your question, Julie.  I hope that my answer was helpful.
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