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8/17 9:09:08

hi, im a 25 year old female. i am having severe problems with IBS. I am considering going on a liquid only diet for a couple of months to give my bowel time to recover a bit. i was thinking of going onto "complan" or similar so that i get the vitamins and minerals. i was just wondering if this is dangerous or unwise for any reason. i am just getting to a stage where i can barely eat solids for stomach cramps and diohrea.

thanks in advance Niki Finnegan

This is a question you NEED to ask your doctor.  I cannot give you that type of recommendation.  Liquid diets can be VERY dangerous for anyone but especially someone with health issues unless they are strictly monitored by an MD.  If you are having that many problems with IBS you should be seeing a specialist who can prescribe the right type of treatment for you.
Kim Tessmer, RD LD
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