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weight loss contest rules ?

8/17 9:08:50

My wife and I are in a weight loss contest, not unlike the TV show, the Biggest Looser.  She wants to meausre loss by percentages, not pounds lost.  I agree that NORMALLY that would be fair ... but here are MY arguements for doing pounds, not percentages:

She is a busy RN, working on her feet all day, I am at a forced desk job.  Hence, for 9-10 hours a day, our activities are controlled.  Because of our jobs, she naturally will get more calories burned.

True, I am a male, she is a female,  Harder for females generally to drop weight.  But I am 58, she is 45.  I say the age difference should compensate for the gender differences.

And finally I am at 275, 6ft3in tall, she is at 195, 5ft7in tall.  I have a LOT more to drop.  Is that a factor ?  I don't know.

Just curious what you would suggest for a fair contest rule and WHY ?

Thanks !

Dear Bill, I think the weight loss percentage measure is the fair way to measure weight loss. You and your wife are different in every way, therefore measuring weight loss percentage makes it fair. It's unfortunate that you don't get as much exercise as your wife, but any exercise you do will burn more calories, so you can make it up. Walk during your lunch hour and if you can, walk after work. If you could somehow lift weights, you would lose weight more efficiently and feel stronger. Losing weight without exercising will take longer, and actually can lower metabolism because muscles are being burned for energy and protein needs. If you actively exercise muscles, the body maintains the muscle mass and burns fat for energy. Hope that helps, Laura Kraemer,Slimkids.com
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