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difference between anorexia and bulimia

8/17 9:08:45

hi!there is a friend of mine who seems to have eating problems but i don't know what exactly it is. i was thinking of anorexia or bulimia but since i don't know the exact difference between them, can you please explain them to me?thanks!

Simply put, anorexia is self-starvation. It's the number one most fatal of ALL psychological disorders in the world. Anorexics may be compelled to measure their servings, eat only one type of food or eat only at a certain time, only certain colors, etc. - many obsessive-compulsive attachments to food.  It's not unusual to find them weighing themselves even hourly throughout their waking day.
 Anorexics may eventually lose so much of their body fat that menses stop, hair falls out, skin becomes thin and saggy.  Remember though - even a 300 lb person can be anorexic. It's just that no one pays attention until they're noticeably fragile/thin.

 Bulimia comes in many forms with the most widely known being 'binge-purge'. A person induces vomiting after they eat, sometimes huge amounts of food, sometimes just a regular meal.
 There is also exercise bulimia - a person may dedicate nearly every waking moment to exercising, even while at their job they'll find a way to keep moving. This is a way of "purging" calories.
 Laxative/diuretic bulimia is another way one might use.

The thing about bulimics is that they usually weigh a normal weight or are overweight despite these efforts.
 Vomiting bulimics will tend to have severe tooth decay and may die from heart problems or a spontaneous rupture of their esophagus which is worn down by stomach acids.  They have a great risk of various cancers - and as mentioned, bulimia usually does not work as weight control.

 Find out more about these problems here

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