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Omega-3 in fish

8/17 9:08:44

Is most of the omega 3 in fish in the skin, because my wife sometime discards the skin when cooking. or is it a good idea not to eat the skin on fish for the same reason as chicken.

Hi Tony,

The skin of fish is often left on fillets so the meat stays together during cooking. In fatty fish such as salmon, your best fish source of omega-3 fatty acids, the fat is generally found throughout the fish. Deeper red salmon such as Chinook or Soho are the fattiest choices. Lighter colored salmon are leaner, such as Coho or Chum.

I would not worry about eating the skin. Just make sure you buy wild caught fish from cleaner waters such as Alaska or farm-raised fish. Farm-raised fish are getting better with less antibiotics being used and can be a good choice as well.

I hope this helps,
Dan Haley, CNC

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