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losing permenant weight

8/17 9:08:25

i am a 19 year old female, 5"1" in height, and i weigh 44kg. I really wanna lose some weight safely, and in a healthy manner. Since i am short, and in a small frame..i don't look as if i weigh 44kg. I feel insecure about my figure. I wanna look thin, and feel thin, but i don't wanna lose too much..i don't wanna end up looking like an anorexic! I need to have a proper dieting system, and i was hoping that you would be able to help me out..

Any diet that cuts out a food group or cuts down your food intake will be short lived and unhealthy. Your body will always try to be the best it possibly can be if you maintain a balanced intake of veg/grains/oily fish/egg/chicken/fruit, and also plenty of water. Add to this exercise and you have everything you need.
People tend to find all of this too much to do-the preparation and measuring and not knowing exactly what foods are the best.
That is why I always suggest nutrition shakes like the ones I use below.
They allow you to go about your day confident that you've had high quality balanced meals- you just drink water and do some exercise...and there you have it!

All the best
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