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Wrestling Weight Loss

8/17 9:08:23

Hi, I'm a high school wrestler, and often have to lose weight quickly for tournament weigh-ins. Do you have any tips to lose weight quickly, for short periods of time? And also longer-term weight loss tips for most of the season? Thanks.

Ho Brittney,

First let me say that I discourage quick weight loss plans where you are continually losing and gaining. It is better to maintain a healthy weight over a long period- specifically your life. Also, you are still a physically developing young person and extreme fluctuations are not to your health advantage. Talk with your doctor about this! Your parents should be aware of your goals as well!

If you need to lose a 'few' pounds the best way would be to restrict your calorie intake while maintaining a very good exercise program. Concentrate on eating lean protein and  lots (6-10 servings) of non-starch vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, onions, broccoli, and asparagus. By eating healthy servings of vegetables you are still giving your body nutrients and not starving yourself. Limit your fruit consumption to one a day in the A.M. Avoid all simple carbs- soft drinks, candy, all baked goods, no 'energy' drinks, no sugary beverages such as bottled teas and juices. You could snack on a handful of walnuts once or twice a day, maybe a plain rice cake with a little p/b. Lay-off of the salt as well.

Follow this for a few days prior to weigh-in. I need your age, height, weight, and general activity level to give a subjective calorie goal. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF- this will be counter-productive in the log-run!!

Lean protein for breakfast such as eggs or fish, the same for dinner. Lunch should include a complex carb such as brown rice and legumes. All meals should be accompanied with lightly cooked and raw veggies. Drink plenty of water!

For long-term follow the same, however please add more complex carbs to your diet (3-4 serving daily). Carbs are you best energy source- brain food, mood food, and survival food! Avoiding all of the sugary foods will help you maintain a healthy weight.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance,
Dan Haley, CNC

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