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Have a great body for your wedding!

8/17 9:08:18

Hi there! I am 20 and my fiance is 22. We will be getting married on February 9th which is exactly 73 days away. Time until our wedding is getting shorter and shorter and we want to, BUT I NEED TO lose weight before that day!!! I bought and received Turbo Jam Workout Plan yesterday so that what we're going for workouts. We have been looking up a lot of healthy eating plans and they are all SO TIME CONSUMING, with WEIRD foods I've never heard of. We need a very simple but very healthy eating plan. We arent looking to diet, we're looking to eat healthy and change our lifestyle. Please help!!

Congratulations Andrea!!!

I suggest that you do some homework before starting. Read:

Do you want to have a great body to show off at the beach or at a wedding?

Do you need to lose massive amounts of weight in record time?

Accelerated Weight Loss: Dos and Don'ts

Also, some of our Banta members reported really impressive results during the first weeks on the plan http://bantadiet.com -- all our online plans are free!

"I am so thrilled! I can't believe this is happening! I realize now, that I have never had this kind of success on another diet and I am very motivated to continue." - Dawn (lost 11 pounds in 1 week)

See what fits you most!

Tanya Zilberter
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