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white rice

8/17 9:08:15

Why isn't white rice considered healthy by nutritionists?

In my part of the world, most people eat white rice daily along with cooked vegetables. Most of them have bulky stomachs. Is it because white rice causes water retention in the stomach? I have therefore switched from rice to "rotis" or "chapattis" which is made from wheat,as my diet.

Can you explain the drawbacks of white rice?

Hi RJ,

White rice is a byproduct of a machine process that started as brown rice. The machine strips the outer dark shell. The outer dark shell is where you find fiber and mineral, which are obviously destroyed in the process. Now, this machine has done the work that your stomach should naturally be doing. With that, now your body has to work less, which means you burn less calories in digestion, and the carbs from the white rice enter your bloodstream more quickly which causes the body to have a hormonal reaction that locks in stored bodyfat, so it's more likely to lead to weight gain.
Not that you can't have any white rice, but it's more ideal to go for brown, jasmine, or some other wild rice variety.

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