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8/17 9:08:13

Hi, I have a question regarding dehydration and I was wondering if you could answer it?  Sometimes I get dehydrated without knowing it, just because I get busy and am not always thinking about how much I am drinking or how long it has been.  Every time I realize that I am probably dehydrated because I am weak and shaky and nauseous, almost immediately after I have a glass of water I vomit, and can't stop until my stomach is empty.  I was just wondering if this is normal?  I can only remember being dehydrated three times before, and it happened every time.  I am just curious and I can't find the information anywhere online.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration


This is not normal unless you are severely dehydrated! You should be drinking at least half your weight in ounces, clean water. Severe dehydration can occur after not drinking for a couple of days, doing extreme physical labor or exercise in extreme heat without water, or drinking extreme quantities of alcohol.

I strongly recommend seeing your doctor regarding this issue! You may have another health problem that you need to have checked out.

Thank you,
Dan Haley, CNC

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