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grains and what to do about them

8/17 9:08:11

So over 3 years ago I gave up having any sugar(white,brown, high fructose)or sweetener(splenda,sweet and low, equal). I found that once i started eating the stuff i couldn't stop.  after some soul searching and some pretty tough circumstances in my life i got directed to a 12 step support group.  the change in my relationship with God has been amazing.  I found that i was addicted to sugar and sweetener.  that is when i started abstaining from them.  They were always my next thought.  Now i find the same thing happening with grains.  I can go for days with just eating grains.  i have no control over them. and mostly they have control over me.  i have no ability to control my intake of them and i end up eating way too much of them.  All of this to say can i just not eat any grains? can i get all of the nutrients in grains from something else? can i just limit my grains to the morning and not at any other time?  I know that with God and the right information i can overcome this.  I have God now i need the information.  Thank you so much for any help you can give me.

In His name,

He gave us plentyful bounty to not just sustain, but to provide pleasure. Our bodies need all these things to work in harmony and balance.
We get in trouble when we become gluttonous and over-indulgent.

 Whole grains are vital to our system, as are carbohydrates, fats, proteins, salts, fruits, vegetables, legumes.  

 You can certainly limit your whole grains to mornings if that is how you are best able to control it.

 Eliminating all of our temptations isn't the answer. Calling on our strength to face them and control them is our challenge.  

I've overcome many of my own food addictions by putting a serving size out in front of me, telling myself that this is it - there's no more.  After all, when I get to the end of the package or whatever, I have to stop right?  There is no more.

 It sounds 'easy', but that's where asking for strength comes in.  To thank Him for the bounty and the joy - to honor Him by not becoming greedy or gluttonous.

 You can do this. You're heart is set and your soul is strong.

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