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saw palmetto

8/17 9:07:52

I am 55 and just completed radiation treatments for prostate cancer. Can I still derive any benefits from taking saw palmetto or other such nutrients for prostate health?

Hi Randy,

You can still benefit from this herb. Also try the minerals selenium and zinc; lycopene, and a omega fatty acid supplement. Beta-sitosterol is found in virgin olive oil and can be used in supplement form, it may also be beneficial. Use flax seed oil (over veggies) and milled flax seeds (over yogurt or cereal), also pumpkin seed oil and pumpkin seeds.

Of course dietary changes are needed- cut the fried foods, saturated fat (butter, red meat dairy), trans-fat (hydrogenated oils), and reduce sweets (includes white flour baked goods) and sweet beverages. Eat 5-9 veg a day and 1-2 fruits. Eat fish, especially salmon for protein. Drink plenty of water.

Get active- walking is great!

Thank you,

Dan Haley, CNC

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