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Help for fast weight loss?

8/17 9:07:50

My brother is getting married in March and I need to lose 25 pounds till then. I know it`s not that much but I抦 so busy with my 11 month-old baby-boy that I can`t find time to work out. My diet is healthy but I must get rid of the extra pounds from my pregnancy. What is a BMI indicator? Any diet ideas? Thank you for answering.

Dear Kelly, Twenty five pounds in two and 1/2 months is a lot of weight to lose in that amount of time. If your diet is already healthy, than you will have to find the time to at least walk everyday. It is a hard task to lose weight without exercise, so try to find the time. Try a 1500 calorie per day healthy eating plan. Keep track of what you eat, read labels, and count calories. Eating that amount of calories and walking daily for at least 30-45 minutes per day, should allow you to drop at least 20 pounds by March. The BMI is the body mass index. It is based on height and weight, and will calculate a number to determine if you are overweight or not. Hope that helps, Laura Kraemer,Slimkids.com
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