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Recovering Anorexic

8/17 9:07:50

I'm a recovering anorexic female, aged 21. I have recently gained 7 lbs. At my lowest weight I was 98 lbs, and now I am 123 lbs. This weight gain is due to help from doctors, nutrtionists, counsellors etc. But also as a result of Christmas pigging out. As the weight creeps up, I see myself changing and I'm scared. I don't mind being bigger - people say I look much better, and I feel OK about it, but I need to introduce exercise and some muscle-building foods. I am fine about my weight, so long as I am well-toned. And I'm not. So I was wondering if you could suggest an eating regime and the best type of exercise for someone who shouldn't lose weight, but should gain muscle and be fitter. For food... I cannot eat gluten, and consume only a little dairy.
I'm getting to the point where If I don't have guidance, I may become depressed about my body again and be tempted to fall back into the old patterns.
Thank you very much!

Hi Jasmine,

We have had a lot of experience helping people just the same as yourself- so have confidence that you will get a shapely body back.

The basics are to drink water, have a balanced meal 3 times a day, and increase your protein consumption. It's good you are gluten and dairy intolerant as the wheat and milk products only do your body harm!

The protein may prove difficult as an average person will need to have about the equivalent of a chicken a day!
That is why we use protein powder- safe, healthy, and it gets results.

Log on below and I can get you all the details to research.

As for exercise- it has to be weights as this is what builds lean muscle and will give the definition.

All the best
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