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Whey Protein - to lose weight or to gain?

8/17 9:07:34

My mother has always been a health and fitness nut and she advised me to replace one or two meals a day with a Whey Protein drink. She said if I cut most of the carbs and replaced it with protein, I would lose weight. However, EVERYONE else who sees that I have Whey Protein powder in my kitchen says that it will make me gain weight. I exercise five days a week and lift weights twice a week now, so will the Whey protein help me lose weight or prevent me from losing it?

Dear Laura,

The protein intake question is just that - a question - when it comes to weight loss. For one thing, even if you cut most of the carbs, about 1/2 of the protein will convert into new carbohydrates. What you probably need, it a proper ratio of carb to protein to fat. Read more about it here:

The 'Carb:protein:fat' ratios and fat burning

About Whey Protein

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Tanya Zilberter
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