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Raw food benefits for an advanced dieter?

8/17 9:07:32

I have been eating a very healthy diet for the past two years and have lost a
total of about 40 lbs. However, since the start of the school year, I've gained a
few pounds due to stress (and the terrible occasional once a week to two-
week binge). I seem to be getting things under control now and have been
doing well since the beginning of the month. I'm 20 years old, female, 5'6"
and 125 lbs.

Anyway, my diet is already fruit and vegetable rich (majority of my calories
come from fruits n' veg)  but I was curious of your opinion on switching to a
raw food diet. I don't want to go 100% raw, as I love my cottage cheese in the
morning, but excluding breakfast and special occasions, I would like to eat
raw foods.

Everything I have read regarding switching to a raw food diet has shown
benefits for people who come from a junk-food background, but what about
people who already eat a healthy diet? Will I notice any benefits? The major
changes I see occurring are in changing my protein sources (from eggs, fish,
turkey, chicken) and eliminating  the majority of my grains.

Hi Jule,

From all I know about the raw food diet, the health benefits should continue for as long as you are on the diet.

However, the longer you are on ANY diet, the greater its dangers because there is no such thing as 'healthy' diet - any restrictive (qualitatively or quantitatively) eating rubs your body of one group of essential nutrients or the other.

For one thing, none of plant-originated foods provide all amino acids your body needs so you have to supplement the two of them that can be found only in animal-based foods. Same is true for vitamin deficit after eliminating the grains.

So I'd be careful about planning your diet. You might want to learn from the experts (see the reading suggestion).

Also, be careful about your body composition: check your body fat percent rather than just body weight.


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