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nutritional question

8/17 9:07:14


I was told these 7 elements are important to human's health and prevent
us from aging fast

1. Vitamin & Mineral Complex
2. Calcium & Magnesium
3. Fiber
4. Omega-3 EFAs
5. Chlorella
6. Probiotics
7. CoQ10

Well, if I need to take all these nutritional supplement everyday with
meal, would they interact with each other and my body just won't aborb?
 Would this cause side effect.

Second questions: I am making yogurt myself using yogurt starer
contains pure Lactobacillus acidophilus. Would it be better to eat yogurt
starter directly instead of taking probiotics supplement?


ANSWER: Hi Sabrina,

There are different types of beneficial bacteria. Some of these can be found in different supplements. I always side with food over supplements though I believe the later definitely has its place in nutrition. Many commercial yogurts claim to contain live cultures but it is now known that many of these cultures never make it past your stomach. The benefit to supplementing is the variety of bacteria you can take. Making your own is an excellent idea! You can avoid using large quantities of sugar and no high fructose corn syrup, and no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

You can get plenty of fiber without supplementation. Just eat plenty of fruit and veg (5-9), nuts, seeds, legumes, and some whole grains. You are looking for a minimum of 25 grams daily.

Use calcium/mag at night, this is when they are best absorbed and utilized. Use a greens supplement that contains barley and wheat grass as well as chlorella. Make sure the chlorella is 'broken cell wall'. CoQ10 is very important and our bodies make less as we age, especially after 40. You can take these without fear of side effects. As far as bioavailabilty, that can depend on brand as well.

Good luck,

Dan Haley, CNC


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


Thank you for the detailed answer.

I can't agree with you more about everything you say.

Just one more thing.  What do you think of Spirulina?

I was told this could improve immune system and is called superfood with Chlorella. And there is no side effect if I take them both.

Thank you


Many people swear by it and I like spirulina. It is a great source of nutrients. Do not rely on it for your B12 as you may not absorb any of this vitamin from spirulina. I recommend it.

Thank you,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


You mentioned about flex seed as a good source for fiber.  How do you eat it?  Cooking with flex seed oil? Eat flex seed nutritional supplement?  


Hi Sabrina,

Use milled flax seed or flax seed meal. Whole flax is not digestible, so all of those breads and bagels out there using whole flax are not going to offer anything.

Never cook with flax oil, use it over salad or steamed veggies, even a tbsp in a shake is great. Heating flax oil damages it creating oxidized fatty acids which may damage cells. The best oil to use for cooking is coconut oil as can withstand high temps without damage and it does not impart a strong flavor as you might imagine. Olive oil is also best used over salads and veggies.

You can also take an EFA or flax seed oil supplement.


Dan Haley, CNC
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