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feeling tired alot

8/17 9:07:07

I have a mild case of anemia, my fingernails break easy, im taking calcium and iron pills, I also have a mild case of diabetes. What can i do so i wont feel so tired and have more energy every day.

hi susane ,
Fatigue is inevitable with anemia and diabetes, but you can definitely increase your energy levels through moderate daily exercise.  Exercise and healthy eating is the treatment for diabetes anyways, and it will help to lower your blood sugar!
Start going for brisk 30 minute walks every day!    If you can, join a gym and do a 30 minute weight workout daily!!!!     This will provide tremendous results.   Try it for 1 month and see what I am talking about!!!   There is no magic or mystery to it, it really works and will provide you with extra energy.  
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