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food reactions

8/17 9:07:05

I was told once about how foods that are not compatible with your body or
metabolism  will stagnate in your system and cause some pretty ugly symptoms.  
I was wondering about wheat gluten.  What kinds of things have you heard can
be caused buy a prolonged adverse reaction in someone who should not be
eating that?  I have hears some strange things but I thought I would as a pro.

Hi Clayton,

You may suffer from symptoms similar to irritable bowel, inflammation of the intestines. Possibly increased permeability of the intestines allowing larger molecules to pass undigested or not fully broken down such as proteins or even toxins such as yeast and other microforms. Nutrient assimilation may also become impaired resulting in insufficient quantities of vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, from being absorbed. These scenarios are subjective to the individual, the level of food intolerance, immune function, age...

Gliadin is the component of gluten that can cause intolerance. If you are gluten sensitive than you should avoid it, always.

Thank you,

Dan Haley, CNC

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