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Exercise increases my calorie intake

8/17 9:07:00

hello, im 5'3, 20 yrs old, and around 115 lbs. i have recently gained weight (about 10 lbs) due to my junk food eating habits. i excercise almost everyday on the treadmill for 1 hour at the intenisty of 4.1-4.5 nph. but my debacle is that i end up eating 2500 calories. thus, spoiling any benefits of the excercise.
if i maintain my excercise regimen and eat 1200 calories a day will i be able to lose the weight? do have an idea how long it may take to be back around 105 lbs?


Do you mean to have your 1200 Calories a day in the form of junk food?

If you do, it means that you will be permanently hungry and lacking vital nutrients -- both will send your metabolism into starvation mode, your exercise capacity will decrease, and you will hit a plateau before reaching your goal or you will have to further reduce your calorie intake -- entering the vicious circle.

On the other hand, there ARE ways to avoid this scenario. First - no junk foods, no calorie control! How is it possible?

Research showed that seriously decreasing your carbohydrate intake while increasing your good fat intake allows the dieters to burn up to 300 Cal. a day and still be losing weight without calorie restriction and hunger.

Please read about it and if you like the idea, feel free to join our free diet community. It's new online, and everybody is welcome:


To join the group, click on "start now" or go to:


Tanya Zilberter
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