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Spot reducing and a diet to lose stomach fat

8/17 9:07:00

hi, i am an 18 year old male, currently weighting around 15 stone or 210 pounds. My natural build is not slender and im around 5foot 8inches in height. I am currently having huge problems losing the excess fat around my stomach and chest. my arms and legs are reasonably defined. What is the best way to lose fat from the chest and stomach? i heard if you do sit ups and excercise the muscles around the abs and chest then do cardio work like running you will lose fat from the areas you have just excersides previously, is this true? if not what are the best ways and what sort of diet and exercise regimes should i be on to lose around 1stone or 14pounds of fat?

Hi Nick,

The truth is, there's no such thing as reducing fat on selected body spots through specific exercises. Yes, you'll build muscle there but it'll be hidden under the same fat layer.

However, the stomach fat is the only body fat that can be removed by a diet. The matter is, this fat is biochemically different and more dangerous for health that any other type of body fat causing insulin resistance and leading to metabolic syndrome.

The good news is, just cutting down on carbohydrates and increasing good fat intake works wonders. If you need systematic guidance, I recommend this excellent program:


Good muck,

Tanya Zilberter
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