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Will a diet affect my baby that much?

8/17 9:06:42


I lost baby weight with my first two children pretty easy. Then I became very busy with family, school, and work and gained 10 to 15lbs. Never lost it. I delivered another child and am currently nursing a 6 month old (accompanied with baby food and one bottle of formula each night). I am now 25lbs overweight.

If I greatly reduce the amounts I am eating or use a diet drink to lose weight, will it affect my baby that much?
I'm not a good calorie counter, so how can I manage my eating to boost my energy level and lose weight in a very low cost way?


Dear Becky,

It should not affect your baby unless you starve yourself or take OTC weight loss pills. However, you can do better with a diet that naturally reduces appetite and boosts one's energy level. Some of my clients realized that it even somewhat cut their grocery cost.

I suggest that you visit our site http://bantadiet.com and read how it works. You can click on 'start now' at any page and join our free diet plan. Feel free contacting me from there with any questions.

Tanya Zilberter
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