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Weight loss plateau and physical challenges

8/17 9:06:38

Hi, Nevil.

I am having some challenges with weight loss and an exercise routine.  I am 5 ft. 9 inches tall, and weigh 169 lbs.  I have a large frame, and am 56 ?almost 57 ?years old.  

I have been chronically obese since the age of seven, but thanks to 12-step recovery, have been maintaining a 100-lb. Weight loss for two years.  By maintenance, I mean I keep my weight within a 5-lb. Range; weigh monthly, and use the same scale under the same circumstances each time.  

I weigh and measure all my meals and have eaten neither sugar nor grain since 2004.  (I use the Grey Sheet Food plan and work a strong program with sponsorship support and meeting attendance.)  My blood work is all normal, and my overall lipid profile is 188 due to the reduction I made in animal sources of fat two years ago.  I eat fat-free dairy, soy products, fish, and occasional chicken.  I don抰 add salt to cooking and do not season food with salt.

After reviewing my BMI, which is over 25, my hips to waist ratio, which is .9, and the emergence of borderline hypertension, which my internist keeps lowered with medication, I really believe I need to weigh around 155 lbs.  ?14 lbs. less than I weigh now.  

I have been a lap swimmer for years, and it is my preferred aerobic exercise.  This has been particularly true for me since an accident in 1999 resulted in a compound fracture to my left tibia and fibula, resulting in permanent placement of a plate and five screws.  I walk a lot, and enjoy the ellyptical trainer, but these activities create swelling and soreness in my left ankle and foot near the original injury.  And, my lap swimming has been curtailed to lower-body work only due to a rotator tendon inflammation that has taken about a year to heal, and which is still inflamed if I attempt to do any strokes other than the breast, side, and paddleboard work.  My physical therapist has given me strength training exercises to do, but they inflame my rotator tendon so much, I don抰 do them regularly.  I use ice, have had cortisone injections to the site, and am considering acupuncture to relieve the symptoms, but at this writing, this challenge is still not resolved.

How can I get this other 14 lbs. off when it seems to me I am already doing everything I can?  I have some physical challenges getting in my way, so month after month, this extra fat just sits there!

What do you advise?  I look forward to your contributions.



Hi Kit and thanks for the comprehensive information.

You have already accomplished a lot and this plateau may be something you will have to live with if the exercise is a problem.

You should first find out what your resting metabolic rate of calorie burn is. This will give a starting point for where to go next. Also, BMI and weight will lead you down the wrong path. Ditch the BMI and always look at fat percentage.

You can get a very good idea of both the above at my site below.

Next, is the nutrition. You are doing pretty well and in order to support your exercise you must eat the right amounts of energy giving food. Protein is normally the one area that 99% of my clients do not take enough of. Again, you can check your protein levels at my site.

As for the injuries, I am surprised that the advice and help you are getting has not resulted in better repair. Try high quality fish oil supplements and glucosomine.

All the best

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