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Saturated Fat and Cholesterol

8/17 9:06:36

I heard that the consumption of Cacao can reduce onces cholesterol and therefore become a viable defence against heart disease........

When I read the back of the package it noted that there was 3 grams per serving (two tablespoons) of saturated fat.  Hence, I was concerned about the benefit.

Thank you.........Bob

Hi Bob,

The link between saturated fats and heart disease that appeared to be logical not so long ago, turns out to be not that simple. For example, research failed to reveal any difference in low carb dieters' lipid profiles whether they were getting their fat in the form of saturated or  unsaturated fats - all participants improved their blood readings. Comparing with people on a low fat diets, low carb dieters had their good cholesterol (HDL) levels elevated.

On the other hand, the benefits of dark chocolate (and cocoa) are based on their ability to fight free radicals -- its effects as antioxidant -- which is independent of its fat content or quality.

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Tanya Zilberter
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