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healthy meals?

8/17 9:06:24

Hi Laura
Im a 15 years old teen girl, at 115 pounds and 5'4 height.
Let me just start off by saying, I DO NOT WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT. But since i AM a junk food addict, i would like to get more healthy.
I AM planning on doing little bits of exercises at home, and maybe take on jogging. But the most important part is that i eat healthy.
So let me tell you the person that i am. i NEVER eat breakfast because when i do, and this is really embarrasing, i have stomach problems and have to go to the bathroom. A LOT. At lunch, i usually just have a bag of chips and be done with it. When i come back from school around 3:30, i have a BIG meal that is unhealthy. Its usually something fried or anything junkfood, but still a meal. Sometimes after i have that big meal, i go to bed around 5 and get up at 8pm. Then i eat AGAIN and do my homework etc.. then go back to sleep again around midnight to 1am. The days that i DONT have the 4 hour nap, i constantly snack on foods such as cookies  or chips. Then around 9pm, i have another meal. My meals are usually asian food because im korean, but are mixed up with fried junkfood, because my family own a store downstairs that has a deli. Whenever i get hungry, i just go down and grab whatever i want to eat. Also, i hang around with girls that are around my size, but they never eat. They arent anorexic or anything, but they say they have slow metabolism so everything they eat will fatten them up. So at lunch or breaks, im the one thats always eating chips or other snack(although i dont eat much at school as i do at home). i dont want to look like the only person thats eating in our 'group'. I dont usually eat a lot at school, partially not because of that reason, but i HATE eating in front of people other then my family. I dont know why.
So my question is this. What kinds of healthy, but low fat, meals/snacks are there? What kind of meals should i eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
I know i said i hate eating in front of people, but im willing to put that aside in order to make me healthier. And i know that people say that they should eat foods with lots of carbs and protein for energy, but since i dont exercise, i dont think it will help me get in shape.
I would really appreciate a list of meals/snacks for breakfast/lunch/dinner that i can just search online for the recipie.

Dear Susan, You seem to have a lot of issues with eating, but if they are not really issues as you say, then just start eating a healthy diet. A healthy diet is simply just one that contains foods from all the food groups. You don't need recipes or meal plans, just choose foods from the healthy food groups. The healthy food groups are the meat or protein group, bread, rice or pasta group, fat group, dairy group, and the fruit and vegetable group. Try to eat a little food from each group at every meal. You should try to eat breakfast,lunch and dinner and small snacks in between. If you have problems with your digestion system causing excessive bowel movements, see your doctor, you just might have food allergies or a food intolerance. Hope that helps, Laura Kraemer,Slimkids.com
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