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weight loss problem

8/17 9:06:04

Hi, I am a 43 year old female and I am about 20 pounds overweight. I have never had a problem losing weight until the last 2-3 years. I always follow a basic balanced diet(my mother worked for weight watchers). I have always lost 2-4 pounds a week. In the last couple of years, following my eating plan strictly, the weight just stays the same. I tried adding or subtracting 100-200 calories a day, and no change. If I do start to lose some weight, as soon as my period comes, the weight loss comes to a screeching halt and does not start again after my period. I am begining to think there is something medically wrong with me. I did bring up this situation to an endocrinologist, and he looked at me like I was nuts. It gets depressing to know that I am doing things properly and the scale is not moving. Usually when I start the diet, an immediate 2-5 pounds comes off, then it just stops. I am not going for an unrealistic weight, I am 5'7" and want to weigh about 145, which is what is comfortable and looks good for me.
Anything you could tell me, or any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you!


I am not a doctor, but I have heard of this happening before.  Given your age (which isn't that old) and what may be going on with your hormones right now, it is likely your weight loss efforts are being stalled by hormonal changes.  To that end, I am unsure if there is anything you can do about that, but I wanted to answer your question so that you know you're not crazy or anything.  The only things I can really suggest that you do are to drink tons more water during your period and watch out for any foods during your period that would irritate your digestive system and/or cause bloating and water retention.  (Things I'm sure you're aware of!)  However, I really wanted to encourage you to keep checking for a medical answer.  If your doctor is unwilling to help, find one who will.  It was important enough for you to bring it up, so don't back down because one doctor doesn't understand or is too lazy to help you.

Keep working on it and I hope you find an understanding doctor.

Again, that is the limit to really what I can tell you so I wish you the best!
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