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soy protein

8/17 9:05:57

I have been advised by my heart specialist to take 25 grms. of soy protein a day mixed in fruit juice etc. Now I read that it should be taken in 4 x6grms lots over the day , does it matter if I take the whole 25grms. at once mixed in a drink ? or do I need to spread it out over the day in 4x6grms. ? and will this help to lower my cholesterol ?
Can some one advise please?


Soy is excellent for all round health and especially for the heart and vascular system. And 25g is scraping the barrel. I would recommend at least 50g.

As with any foods, if you try to take everything at once your body will use some of it and then get rid of the rest. Just try drinking a litre of water in one go- you'll be in the loo pretty quickly! Spread that 1 litre over a few hours and your body will use it all to become healthier.

Now you need to decide about what is the best soya for you.

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All the best

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