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New diet & lifestyle - no weight loss?

8/17 9:05:56

I have recently changed jobs and now work on a mine site, and have realised I am eating more healthily than ever before.  A regular day would be:
Breakfast:  1 slice of toast with some baked beans or sml scoop of natural museli and 1 sml scoop of all bran
Lunch:  Salad sandwich
Dinner: 1 sml slice of roast meat or steamed fish, vegetables (usually steamed corn, broccoli, cabbage...maybe 1/2 potato sometimes), pudding & custard for dessert (this is a very bad habit)
Snacks:  fruit (3 sml slices watermelon)
I eat only wholewheat bread, use no butter or spreads and do not drink alcoholduring the week.
Compared to my previous diet of fast food 3 times a week, wine during the week, cheese and starbucks coffee this is a complete change for me...however even despite what I deem to be reasonable potion sizes I don't seem to be losing any weight!
I do not get much time to exercise here (and they do not have any yoga up here)...is there anything you can recommend changing in this diet (ok...except the pudding!)
Many regards


The chances are big that the reason for not losing weight is your rather high carb intake and definitely too low intake of good fats. Also, you don't have to spend much time exercising if you do right exercises. It's recently been discovered that interval training is a great time saver.

I suggest that you consider our free online diet program http://bantadiet.com/banta/  but before, you might want to read about the theory behind:

Basic Facts about Carbs, Fat, and Protein-reduced Diets

The Fat Burning Index

High-intensity interval training for metabolic resistance

Weight loss plateau

Are you having enough nutrients?

Tanya Zilberter
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