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one meal a day!!!

8/17 9:05:36

hello! my mom is 54y old,and she is overweight she is been eating once a day but a huuuge plate,and I told her that is not good to do that,and because i was told that if u eat more small meals more times a day u could loose more weight than eating only one and because her metabolism is getting low,well my question is   how can I explain to her? i would like to inform myself better so that I can explain to others,,,any suggestion,help,thanks!

Aloha, the best way to lose weight is described in my new ebook Healing what's Eating you. It is food combining and you don't starve yourself, you need to eat regularly or your body will slow your metabolism down to conserve reservoirs of fat, thus you actually hinder your weight loss, and you will tend to not allow fats to be flushed from your body, which is what you want to do when losing weight.  If you email at kealanoel@yahoo.com
I will email you a free copy of my new book so she can see that what she is doing is counter productive to losing weight.
Good luck, plus if she drinks rejuvelac, a natural weight loss drink she can make for her self for pennies a month that will accelerate the weight loss and help her digestive tract to get back on track. I also recommend to do a colon cleanse or high colonic to start off any weight loss program to ensure your colon is clean enough to work properly. Please make sure she is medically all right to do that first. Aloha and blessings Keala

Aloha I am Rev. Koala Vail I do Hawaiian shamanic readings for positive action in your life and I also do hypnotherapy and holistic phone counseling. If you are interested in receiving more help with your life please contact me at kealanoel@yahoo.com.  If you want to know more about dreams please go to my web site at http://www.healthretreats.info and look for my Dream Analysis Handbook
Author of Talking to the Living and the Dead
Experiencing life after death
Healing What's Eating You
available at healthretreats.info
PS we have a great new book coming out Healing What's Eating You which has our entire protocol that we have been using at Aloha Healing Women for the last nine years working with eating disorders and it is now available in EBOOK format and soon in soft cover too.
ALOHA!Aloha and blessings Rev. Vai

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