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Lack Of Energy

8/17 9:05:23

Hello, I have quite a healthy diet, for my lunch i have a wrap with salad, cheese and ham in, but within 5-10 minutes of finishing, i go so sleepy that i have trouble keeping my eyes open at work, it doesnt happen though when i have breakfast or an evening meal, Please can you give me some advice on how to stay awake at work.

Thank you very much.

Hi Sarah,

Try not mixing protein and carbs in the same meal. Have say, a salad with a baked potato or whole grain something, OR a salad with meat/cheese. Proteins are digested with acids, carbs by alkalis, they work on each other as much or more than they do on your food. Let them take turns and a lot less blood flow, etc, goes to your digestive system, more to your head!
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