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nutritious vegetables

8/17 9:05:13

I know the healthiest and best way to get all the nutrition out of vegetables is to eat them raw.  What is the next best way to eat veggies while still consuming as many nutrients as possible?  Steamed? Sauteed? Baked?

Hello Marica!  

The best methods for veggies are


Simply put a little water in a pot, put in a steamer basket or colander, and add your food. As the water boils, the steam will gently cook your food. Be sure not to cook your food for too long (veggies should still be brightly colored and slightly crunchy when they're done), and you can also add some spices to the water to flavor the foods as they steam.

This method works especially well for fragile vegetables like leafy greens and fish.


Baking in your oven is a perfectly healthy way to cook, though it's preferable to use a lower temperature and a longer cooking time than a higher temperature to cook the food more quickly (roasting is typically done at a higher temperature.  To keep in some of the moisture, try keeping your baking dish covered.


Stir-frying is a fast, healthy way to cook. Chop your meat and veggies into small, uniform pieces, add a little oil or broth to a pan or wok, then stir the foods until they're just cooked through (add meat, which takes longer to cook, before the veggies). To preserve the nutrients in the veggies, cook them only slightly.

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