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food restrictions

8/17 9:05:07

hi wendy. im currently seeing a dietian.. is there a difference between a dietian and a nutritionist? Also, i have taken a blood test n urine sample (if i remember correctly) and had myself tested for food intolerances. i had results stating my lgE and lgG levels. my dietian had a look at my results and said that yes i may hav an immune response or something but if i dont feel e symptons (with e help of an elimination diet), then the foods are ok. is that true? what if i just dont physically feel e symptons but some unusual activity is happening inside, wouldnt that mean that i shouldnt have that food?


Hi, Alicia

First, let me say that there is a difference between a dietician and nutritionist.  According to the American Dietetic Association, registered dieticians have completed a specific course of study and are licensed by the state and certified through an agency called CADE.  The term nutritionist is used very loosely and the requirements for being a nutritionist vary by state.

So, what you're really looking at is someone you know for sure studied to be a registered dietician versus someone how may have come about that knowledge in a different way.

As for your issues with the food, it is possible for something to be going on in your body without you feelings the symptoms.  That's because some symptoms appear in so many different intolerances, etc, that it's hard for doctor's to tell what's going on unless they run some tests.

A good example of this is diabetes.  There is a large part of the population who do not know they have diabetes or pre-diabetes because the symptoms seem so common no one thinks about them until after the fact.  They don't find out they have diabetes until they have a complication, like blindness or a stroke.

What you may want to do, if you haven't done it already, is take a look at the list of symptoms related to the immune response they think you have and watch out for those symptoms over the next 30 days or so.  You may even want to keep a log/journal.  You may have symptoms that you didn't know where symptoms.

I hope that helps.
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