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Hidden food intolerances and hidden symptoms

8/17 9:05:04

Hi Tanya

I have a question about my food intolerances. I have been tested for it and got results that showed my levels of lGe and lGg. I saw a dietian once and she said that although something is happening inside, hence the high levels of lGe/lGg, it does not necessarily mean that i cannot tolerate those foods. She said i will need to do some further testing (skin prick test) and then use an elimination diet to see what responses i have to various foods. She said that if i dont feel a reaction, then it is okay to eat that food. My question is, isn't it possible that i am intolerant to a particular food but dont feel the sympton physically and so the food can still be doing me harm internally without me knowing it?


Dear Alicia

I would be happy to answer "yes" if I knew that you enjoy a perfect -- and I mean _perfect_ health. However, since I'm still to meet such lucky a person, I'm afraid we should discuss a possibility that your symptom(s) can be connected to your food intolerance.

Let me start with an article abstract published by Alternative Medicine Reviews in 1998 indicating that hidden (undiagnosed) food allergies can do you harm and that they can be figured out by a special test-diet (Rotation Diet: http://atkinszone.com/recipes/2008/08/introduction-to-rotation-diet.html).

"A large body of medical literature has indicated that hidden food allergy is a frequent cause of a wide range of physical and mental conditions. Hidden allergies can be "unmasked" by means of an elimination diet, followed by individual food challenges. Although the concept of hidden food allergy remains controversial, the evidence strongly suggests that identification and avoidance of allergenic foods can relieve a number of common and difficult-to-treat medical problems."

Now, regarding the Ig issue. Here抯 a recent conclusion made by Sanquin Diagnostic Services, Amsterdam, the Netherlands regarding the IgG testing as a diagnostic tool:

Testing of IgG4 to foods is considered as irrelevant for the laboratory work-up of food allergy or intolerance and should not be performed in case of food-related complaints.

Sorry that I cant be of more help.

Tanya Zilberter


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