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I need help right away! It is urgent!

8/17 9:04:59

I have horrible self esteem because of my body. I am a 34 year old male and I am about 186 to 190lbs. I appear to be lean but I have a lot of abdominable fat, thigh fat, ass fat and a little in the chest. I have been yo yo dieting for most of my life. Times when I lose weight and gain some lean muscle mass, my depression is managed, my life feels great, I am social, I have energy and I can make positive steps forward in my life, I feel happy and I have lots of plans. But then something triggers such as financial stress when I literally have a hundred buck to get my by for two weeks. I begin to eat, gain weight, fall into depression and I become reclusive. I think I look hideous, and I don't want people to see me. Then I will work out again and feel good, I get to work and I am surrounded by dollar menus and crap from the drug store. Fat fat fat. I work as a dog groomer and in our salon it is chaos and there is no time to go to lunch. IT is grab and go, if we even get that chance. It all depends on whether we make any tips or not. That is how we can eat. When I get home I seem to binge eat. I made a six egg salad sandwich mix with mayo and pickle, made a sandwich and ate it all. Then I had a 100 Calorie Sour Patch Kids, At work I had some chex mix, M&M's, and a lean pocket. Cottage cheese and some milk. Water. 2 diet root beers. I just keep eating all day and when I get home I eat everything. I just finished three cinnamon waffles with butter and syrup. I need some serious help. Book, websites, gimmicks, nothing works. I need to change and I don't know how. I have been doing Pilates which kicks my ass, but then I go eat the chocolate, dollar menu items, chips, beef Jerky and it just sabotages me. I need help. Do you think I need psychological help? I am always hungry and I want to eat. I munch all day at work. HELP! My friends are out traveling, moving to Australia for a year, going to Egypt, Salem, Hawaii which are all my dream to visit places. My body image makes me feel disgusting and I never go anywhere or do anything and my life is wasting awaw. I need help!

Hi Ben,

Stop, inhale, exhale, get a grip. You are issued one day at a time, seize the moment and take control.

The crap you are eating is making you feel, think crappy thoughts. Total toxic take over. You are poisoned.

Even the dollar stores sell some fresh produce, try a little harder with your hunting and gathering. RAW nuts are compact and good for you.

You are hungry because you are not getting what you need. It doesn't matter how much flavored packing material you shovel in, it is not enough as it is not what you need.

Every minute in motion counts and works to help you feel better about yourself, and power!

Think about what you really want to do, and think backwards on how to move toward doing it. Accent the positive.

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