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Water intake: will 32 ounce 4 times a day hurt?

8/17 9:04:50

I have a big 32 ounce (what I call my adult slurpy cup) QT cup that I keep filled with ice and water and probably drink 4 of those a day. Will that hurt me?  Is that too much water?  I am obese, do have low thyroid, do not have diabetes, have had kidney problems recently but all fine now. What has me concerned is I noticed when I dine out with my Mom, the server will refill my water or tea glass 3-4 times while she's only drank 1/2 of her 1st glass. I appreciate your advise. Thank You, Amy


Unless excessive thirst is caused by diabetes (not your case, but keep it in your mind) or you are prone to water retention, don't worry. Try to watch your liquid balance: measure not only how much you drink but also how much of it goes out (diuresis) - if there's no water weigh gain, you are fine.

Tanya Zilberter
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