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Acidity in apples

8/17 9:04:35

For the past months, whenever I eat an apple on a more-or-less empty stomach (mid-morning), I get sick and feel like throwing up. If I eat a cracker or bread immediately, I usually feel better within minutes. Is this a health concern I should look into, or is it simply a matter of eating a bigger breakfast? (I usually eat a bowl of granola cereal - low-sugar - and some whole-wheat toast.)

Thank you for your attention.

I'm not over- or underweight, and I'm currently breastfeeding. I have a concern re: diabetes bc my grandmother was diabetic.


Since crackers or bread eaten after an apple help and not aggravate your condition, you shouldn't be concerned about diabetes because they are high in carbohydrates, which in a diabetic would cause more, not less problem.

I suspect the acidity in apples can be the reason. What can you do?

Some varieties are more acid (mostly duet to the malic acid) than others. Golden Delicious apples are 0.27% acid. Winesaps are twice more acid and Jonathan and McIntosh have three times the acid as Delicious apples.

Try other medium acidity like Goldchief, Rubens, Pink Lady, Fuji. Avoid the high-acidity apples such as Kanzi, Ariane, Junami, and Rubens. Also, don't discard the simple method to buffer the apple acidity by eating them together  with higher-fiber foods.

Tanya Zilberter
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