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Recovery after vitamin B1 deficiency

8/17 9:04:34

Ive been diagnosed with a b1 deficiency.  50 in a range of 80-150.  How long would it take to recover from some of the symptoms I may be having if this is the cause?

Dear Tom,

With timely started treatment, symptoms such as pain, tingling, loss of sensation in hands and feet symptoms usually improve rapidly. If however, the disease beriberi or severe thiamine deficiency had time to develop due to untreated condition, it can take longer. The symptoms that take more time to disappear include muscle damage, memory problems, speech and walking difficulties.

To speed up your recovery, keep in mind that there are some substances that can ruin Vitamin B1 both in foods and supplements you are taking, for example, sulfites, which are added to foods as preservatives, or tea, coffee, betel nuts. These anti-thiamine effects can be aggravated under acidic conditions in the intestines.

Read about it:

pH of Foods and Food Products

How safe are sulfites?

Tanya Zilberter
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