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Craving bad foods

8/17 9:04:29

lately i have been getting really bad food cravings for fast food. i don't eat it that much-like once a week. if i see a commercial for something on TV, i want it now. i try to ignore it and eat healthier food, but if i don't have it i feel like i don't ever get full, so i keep eating until i get that food. then once i satisfy the craving-i see another food, and start craving it. is that normal or what's going on with me?
i hope i explained it good enough...

Hi, Rachel

I'm not sure if I can really answer the question.  The thing is there is a lot of salt and sugar in fast food.  And we all have cravings for sugar and salty foods.  That could be all that it is.

It could also be that because you eat it so infrequently, you may feel as though you're depriving yourself -- which in turn makes you want to eat what you think you shouldn't.

I'm not going to tell you to never eat fast food again because that's not too realistic.

I think it might help if you make time during the week to eat the fast food that you crave, but only after you've eaten something healthy (so you don't overeat).

After awhile, you may find you just don't like the taste anymore.  But the important thing is to keep your mind and body from feeling like you're depriving it.

I hope that helps and makes sense.
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