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Nutrients for healthy skin and vegetarian diet

8/17 9:04:13

Dear expert I am looking for some advice on nutrition and writing to get expert advice on my query。                               
For the last 8 years I haven抰 ingested meat and I eat one fried egg in olive oil every day but my friends say this is not healthy at all。  My diet does not consist of any meat or fish,I eat a lot of rice,wholemeal pasta/bread and vegetables everyday。

I do not smoke or drink alcohol and everyday walk at least for one hour and cycle for 1 hour。My skin is very dry and one of the reasons I have also started taking flaxseed oil is to help with the dryness。Is my diet and general lifestyle unhealthy or would you have any advice in which I can improve my health as I do lack protein and are eggs a good source of protein?

Any help or advice would be really appreciated。



Traditionally, the following nutrients and supplements are considered essential for healthy skin:

Borage Seed Oil
Brewers Yeast
Essential fatty acids
Fish Oil
Hyaluronic acid
Siberian ginseng
Vitamins A
Vitamins C
Vitamins D
Vitamins E

On the other hand, vegetarian may be at risk for low intakes of vitamins B-12 and D, E, riboflavin, iron, calcium, and zinc.

Please read details:

Vegetarian athletes may be at risk

Tanya Zilberter
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